Cans + 420

A quick introduction to few Irish Artists who are mining ways to change or distort your perspective on music, this show is primarily based around instrumental, prog and electronic Irish acts – The Bonk  open up the retro swagger of ‘Ancestor’ followed by An Tara with the ambient adventurousness of ‘Faha Rain’ should give fair warning of what’s to come.

The Jimmy Cake have spent the guts of the last decade exploring long form instrumental music, and between the Tough Love and Master albums have really set a high water mark in this field, intimidating in length at first, repeat listens seem to offer more and more in terms of energy and depth. Also one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a few years.

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock have gone through a huge evolution since 2012’s ‘The Brutal Here and Now’ becoming a guitar orchestra, which would make it easy to neglect that in 2012 they made one of the most well rounded trad-prog-shoegaze albums. My Fellow Sponges are somewhere on this venn diagram as are 1972’s ‘Mellow Candle‘ who’s much sought after ‘Swaddling Songs’ is worth the exploration.

Jape is no stranger to instrumental music being a member of The Redneck Manifesto – on 2011’s Ocean of Frequency – to my mind the must-have Jape album the first minute and twenty seconds of ‘Internal Machine’ is great way to learn about the wonderful interplay between timbre and melody on that album. Anna Mieke – no stranger to the regular listeners shows her absolutely hypnotic vocal style in Arbour – not the first or last time I’ll be playing Arbour on the radio!

Once upon a time experimental jazz trio Dinosaur came to Flirt FM and rattled out two live tracks, and dissipated for a while and in 2017 a debut album emerged. Accidentally and not accidentally Aengus Hackett was the guitarist in this trio, whether they re-emerge in the physical world i’m not sure, but Aengus certainly did re-emerge in the form of Zinc who showed up at Galway Jazz Fest  played an immaculate gig, and dissipated from vision.

The show closes with the towering ‘The Front’ from the album of the same name by Conor Walsh – I recommend jumping the link to read the full story of Conor and his music.


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